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**Reposted from the Adopt A Cop website**


Adopt a Cop BJJ is a nonprofit, donation based program that allows active duty patrolling police officer's around the country to train at any Adopt A Cop BJJ affiliated academy and we will pay 100% of the officer’s membership until they reach the rank of Blue belt. Blue belt is the second ranked belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and on average it takes around 12 to 18 months to obtain.

Most individuals with a blue belt level of knowledge have an immense advantage in controlling a combative situation over someone who has no knowledge or experience in grappling regardless of size, strength or even gender to an extent.

Being a police officer is one of the most selfless, dangerous and important jobs in the world today. Many people have called to defund the police but we believe that is not the best solution being that law and order is absolutely necessary in order to have a safe and functional society. We believe more and better training is the solution to creating a resilient and more effective police force.

Often times police find themselves in combative situations that can turn deadly and during these times being the more skilled grappler can potentially save the lives of not only the officers but the suspects as well.

If police felt more confident in their abilities to control potentially combative situations, they would be less likely to draw their weapons out of fear for their own safety. 

Having the necessary skills in order to control the situation will lead to less opportunities for a combative situation to escalate by keeping suspects from getting to and gaining control of officers weapons and/or putting the officers in vulnerable positions where they feel the need to use deadly force.

If you want to support the program you can purchase T-shirts, flags, coins, patches and stickers; 100% of the proceeds go directly to sponsoring police officers training or you can simply donate any amount you’d like to our donor box.

In order to make donations go further and allow as many police officers as possible to receive this potentially life saving training, Adopt A Cop BJJ affiliated academies literally "Adopt a Cop" and allow the first police officer to train for free until the officer reaches the rank of Blue belt. 

Adopt a Cop BJJ affiliated academies provide a special rate of $50 a month for additional officers sponsored through our program. If an officer would like to attend an academy that is not an Adopt A Cop BJJ affiliate, we will still provide $50 a month to the officer to help offset their monthly membership. 

If you would like to sponsor a specific police officer or academy that can be arranged.

My end goal is to get all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies across the country to allow all police officers to train free of charge in order to create better trained and more effective police and ultimately save lives across the board.

To all the police out there, thank you for your service and to all the people who donate and contribute to this program, thank you for your support! Please share this information and help spread the word in order to get as many officers into training as possible!

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