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Todd Meighen & Gregg Hammerton learning from JT Torres
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a complete Self-Defense system that will prepare you to defend yourself against a potential life threatening assault. It emphasizes simple movements, practical techniques, and realistic scenarios. Many Martial Arts claim that they can teach a student to strike an opponent and knock them out very easily with one strike, but this is very unrealistic! This is not a Hollywood movie!
One of the greatest advantages of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a Martial Art is the fact that a rolling or sparring session is the closest thing to a real fight without the strikes. During full speed sparring, you will engage with your partner with the same offensive and defensive techniques that you would use in a real fight, but since no strikes are involved, none of the partners need to get injured. Sparring in other Martial Arts have a high risk of injury or the techniques are practiced at an unrealistic slow speed. Some of the techniques in other styles are also "SO DEADLY", that the techniques cannot be practiced on a live person! They only practice these "secret techniques" in solo forms or katas. How can you possibly know if a technique works if you don't practice on a real life resisting opponent? What happens if your "secret techniques" do not have the desired outcome? What happens if you don't knock them out with one punch or kick?
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the only Martial Art that prepares you to honestly protect yourself!
What are your reasons for taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu other than for Self-Defense? Weight Loss? Stress Relief? Exercise? An activity to make friends?  You will get all this and much more when you start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! You will certainly be filled with anxiety and nervousness about starting your first class, but we understand! You might be asking yourself "Will I get hurt?", "Am I going to get beat up on?","Will I need to be in shape to start class?” The answer is "no" to all of these.

What should you wear to your first class?
Wear comfortable workout clothing (t-shirt, shorts or sweats) to your first class. You will not need a BJJ gi (the heavy uniform that we train in) for the first class. The Academy has several practice gi's that can be worn if the new student is comfortable wearing them. No shoes are allowed on the mat, unless the shoes are wrestling shoes that aren't worn outside the mat.  

The classes follow a simple flow: a warm-up which includes stretching, cardio, and conditioning, followed by the drill and technique of the day, and ending with what we call "rolling" or sparring. New students do not have to worry about rolling the first day, it is not allowed at our Academy until a student has been training for a minimum of one month. New students will take part in the warm-up and technique drilling with the entire class, but when the rolling time starts, they will be taken off to the side to learn the basics with Todd or Gregg. The new student will be able to build up their stamina physically by drilling the basics, without the fear of injury. There is also no fear of getting smashed or embarrassed before they actually know any techniques to protect themselves. By coming to class on a consistent basis, your cardio and endurance will improve as you spend more time on the mats. Sparring will be introduced only after Todd or Gregg feel that the student is ready. Make no mistake, sparring is a very important tool to develop your technique and understanding of the art, but sparring the first day serves no purpose! 

GT Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy is dedicated to improving each and every student on and off the mat! Come try a free class, and change your life forever!

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